Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Question: Your Most Stolen RPG?

I've had quite a few RPG books stolen out from under me over the years. Perhaps 'stolen' is a bit strong, but they have gotten into others' hands and not back to mine against my wishes, so we'll leave details aside.

My list of most stolen is as follows:

1 Stormbringer 3e, one back in the late 80s, another late 90s. I am still looking for a copy so I can have the scenario 'Hall of Risk', probably the best fit ever for the genre.
2 Call of Cthulhu, late 90s. Less 'stolen' and more 'never returned' plus 'continental drifted away'. 3rd edition I think, with Cthulhu's glaring eye poking through a smashed door. I just bought the latest, and although it has been 'prettied up' by the art department, its prose has conversely lost some of its charm.
3 Robotech (Invid Invasion, Southern Cross and the core book). Palladium is eminently playable with a 'Palladium Patch' of houserules I made back in the day (and may still be floating out there on the internet somewheres), and Robotech can be used for a great BSG / Space Above & Beyond style game. Also, watching the anime was my daily ritual after coming home as a kid.

I am sure I lost others (TMNT, Elric!, GURPS, Conspiracy X to name a few) but they were less memorable or missed than the 3 above.

What about you? Which RPGs have you lost and wished you had most?



  1. 1. My nWoD collection (Core, Mage, and Vampire), still have no idea who took it.

    2. My Expedition to the Demonweb Pits module, bought on store credit on my group's insistence, borrowed by a friend, gone for five+ years, and returned in February of this year. He had it in his bag at a Con, on the hunch that I'd be there.

  2. Maybe I've been lucky. Maybe part of it is that within my original game group, everyone else had the same books I had, and in later groups, people didn't ask to borrow my stuff much.

    Never lost a book, module, or supplement. Have lost a die or two along the way, and picked up a few stray dice that belong to others.

    And now with the .pdf age upon us, I doubt I'll ever lose a book.

  3. [3e] Complete Arcane - lent it to a friend so he could build a Warlock. Not only did the game fall apart, but the players scattered to the four winds. I don't even remember who borrowed the book, since it got passed around a bit while I was trying to get it back, like a game of musical chairs.

    [3e] Fiendish Codex - lent to a friend who unexpectedly moved out of state. He finally mailed it to me about 6 months later, which helped repair our friendship quite a bit.

    I've lent out quite a few other books, which all led to similar results. All my books have found their way back to me with the exception of Complete Arcane, and now I have a pretty firm "no lending" policy with regard to my books. It's sad, but those hardbacks cost too much to let go of. :/


    1. I suppose with the proliferation of 2e splatbooks and 3e complete guides an increase in missing tomes was inevitable...