Sunday, December 8, 2013

OSR Planet Takeover?

Is it just me or has the Old School RPG Planet website been taken over by RPG Bloggers?
I suppose it is a free site so no cause or right to gripe, but a head's up would have been nice.

Oh well, the layout is a bit commercial, but is also clear and has categories that may steer traffic a bit more.

Wonder what happened?


  1. I wasn't familiar with Old School RPG Planet... but whatever it was, I'm seeing the RPG bloggers site too.

  2. The Planet was my one-stop OSR gateway till about noon Japan time today. It should be at but just redirects to the 'Legacy D&D' section of

    Needless to say, I am not to happy with this as either an OSR follower or blogger. I have no idea what happened, whether it is a handover, a takeover, skullduggery or taking advantage of an automated system. I emailed Alex Schroeder (sp?) who started the OSR Planet so we'll see if anything comes of it. I won't be joining the rpgblogger network, just keep on grinding out my stuff for myself and whoever drops by.

  3. Alex redirected the link to RPG Bloggers because he wasn't using OSRP any more and it may have lead to arguments about copyright through aggregating content.

    His post explains why. Plenty of other feeds/gateways to admire so mourn the death, celebrate the life...

    1. Speaking of alternatives, what do you use? I look at the Dark Dungeons but the feed seems really limited. Any suggestions?