Friday, May 2, 2014

Bookoff Haul

Took a break from the thesis to walk around Kyoto a bit.

Got quite the rpg haul from Book Off, the big second hand bookstore.

This should motivate me to make the last spurt and get this chapter done by the deadline at month's end.

Wish me luck!


  1. Nice haul indeed. I'm still an advocate for the BRP gold book, despite some of the hate it gets from the fanbase.

    1. Why the hell would anyone hate it? People clamored for it for years and now they're bitching? Typical. I am very pleased to find it here - finding western games in Asia is like finding samurai swords at a fleamarket in Kentucky.

    2. I remember people writing that they disliked how it took from so many other source books and didn't offer much of its own originality. Personally I think that's crap, more core books is more core books, and always a good thing.

      I've run one of my favorite original setting games using only the BRP book, and had a blast doing it. For my players, it's the most requested setting I return to in the future.

    3. I think ut is exactly what BRP needed - all the rules in one place with all the history and variants. I am glad they didn't shoehorn in any setting - leaves me free to use whatever I want.

      If I ever crawl out from under this degree...