Sunday, July 6, 2014

Holmes, Nessie and Cthulhu

Just finished watching The Private Life of Sherlock Holmes (1970). Great film for expanding the mythology of Holmes into Victorian political life, also great inspiration for random events in a Cthulhu session set in Scotland.

1.        The sound of demon bagpipes resonating in the hills with no discernible source of origin.
2.        Trappist monks with vows of silence and obscure plans
3.        A French demoiselle in distress who is actually a Prussian spy with designs
4.        Historical preservation societies who don’t know much about history
5.        A letter from the foe telling you to drop the investigation
6.        Foggy nights on a loch in a rowboat
7.        A fake monster built to take attention away from the real abomination
8.        The appearance of the Queen and retinue
9.        A disappeared scientific expert you must find
10.    Silent folk with physical oddities masquerading as other than they are
11.    Locals always with a story of what truly happened that only muddy the waters further
12.    A silent clansman in kilt who scares you off with two growling mastiffs on chains
13.    A Scotsman with a loaded pistol in his sporran
14.    Children who throw rocks
15.    Dead or deranged animals who tip you off to what is really happening
16.    Cycling around the countryside
17.    A London secret society who offers you membership on success of your mission
18.    A London secret society who tries to thwart your mission.
19.    A British government agent following you.
20.    A hotel staff member who surprises you by knowing all about your mission.

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