Monday, January 12, 2015

Broken by 2014

So anyway, 2014 broke me.

Between the PhD deadlines (which I failed and now have till May to pass), the four hour daily commute to a job I desperately tried to get out of (and failed - here's looking at you year two at Peach Pit U), and the black hole of mutual loathing that my marriage has become, I don't know how I am still breathing, let alone sane.

The first causality of this real life implosion was, of course, the gaming and blogging that is my escape hatch and release valve.

2015 has been much kinder. I've had a relaxing trip to an onsen spa, my little boy is the love and light that keeps me going, the wife is treating me human again, the job wraps up in ten days so I can concentrate on getting the degree done, and I played a game of the new Star Wars miniature rules.

I have a backlog of posts that will have to wait until the degree is done and I am off the academic hazing hamster wheel. This is first priority. Expect regular blogging to resume after that, along with gaming, hopefully.

Hope you all are having as much good fortune in the new year as I have enjoyed thus far.

PS* I tried to read 5E but the prose is pretty languid and pedantic. Days like these I miss High Gygaxian or Mumbly Mearls.


  1. In so many ways 2014 was really a terrible year. I'm happy to hear that 2015 seems to be treating you right, and that things between you and your wife have turned around.

  2. I've forgotten to check your blog in quite awhile. Sorry to hear that '14 was so rough on you.

    Microlite20 is having a renewed appeal for me. I think games that exceed 40 pages are kinda overblown, if you've been gaming for awhile, there are only so many variations of roll the dice/make up a story. The OGL is a boon to us all unlike any other. Although I just stated a preference for 'lite' systems, I'd love to get into a FantasyCraft game and am anxious to see Trailblazer issued as a full game and not just a 3.5 graft.

    I'm just rambling now... time to be productive.