Wednesday, January 23, 2019

2019 Plans & No Whiffs Houserule

Hi all!

(crickets chirping)

Well, in case anyone ever reads this blog, I am alive.

I've survived my first year as prof. One more day of classes then it is just meetings, research, and free time till April.

My Advanced Media students surprised me with this meme!
Best class I ever taught!

Whew! OK, hobby plans for the new year:

1) I hope to get my backlog of posts finished and out. Lots of aged fantasy stuff, but also newer Cyberpunk material. Maybe ever some Weird Japan or Chanbara support. Art?

2) Actual play reports (gasp!). I hope to run Swords of the Serpentine (by Pelgrane, whose play test I've signed up for), as well as Spirit of 77.

I actually sat in on a session of D&D 5E last week and had a blast. The character they assigned me didn't do much (he played the fiddle while others fought goblins, and no, not a bard), but it was fun just to be at a table.

It has inspired me to create the following house rule:


In combats for D&D or similar one roll to hit games, when both sides of a combat miss each other (commonly called a whiff), the higher roll (after all modifications) is considered a hit and damage is rolled.

Note that players on the receiving end of damage under this rule might cry foul, so before implementing this change make sure 1) all players are onboard with it and the reasons for using the rule (ie to speed up combat), and 2) they are aware of and accept the fact that they are just as likely to get a hit as they are to give one

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