Monday, September 9, 2013

30 Day Challenge 9 & 10

And the train rolls on!

Day 9 – Favorite character you haven’t played

Wow, this question is really indicative of gaming. Everyone has had the experience of rolling or ruling up a good character, then have the game or campaign evaporate without a session.

We all feel that pain.

I’d have to say that my Retro Spacer from a GURPS Space vaporgame back in the day was the biggest disappointment in this regard. While all the other players made up cybernetic enhanced, Traveler style spacers with fission powered spacecraft, my guy was from a colony that had developed a 1950s style futurism. Fedora hat and suit in a big clunky diving-suit style spacesuit, with a computer that took up half his rocket’s compartment space. He made up for this by having mad engineering skills and ray guns.

Day 10 – Craziest thing

Where to begin? I think anyone who’s been gaming any length of time has a boatload of crazy stories – it’s half the reason why we play games.

In D&D, we had a year long (in real time) game derailed when the PC who drew lots to get the Divine Magic Weapon Thingy (I forget, maybe a Bow of Light?) needed to defeat the Destroyer of World had, unbeknownst to us, drawn from a Deck of Many Things the day before. His card? Next magic item is destroyed. The player couldn’t tell us, and so his PC touched the bow, it went poof, and we switched to Rifts after that, I think.

Chaosium games have also given us some memorable craziness. We had a group TPK in Stormbringer after an ill-conceived raid on a fat merchant with 2 Weeping Waste bodyguards, which ended in our Swordmaster with a broken sword, our Hunter with a broken Bow, and a Sorceror who fumbled with a demon sword and got run through.

Crazier still, we switched to Call of Cthulhu and the same group of players had a TPK after an ill-conceived raid on a construction site to steal dynamite ended with a merciless fusillade from the night watchman whose dinky pistol let him shoot twice as many rounds as the PCs heavy guns. Even a pop gun is dangerous if it has double the chance to hit and do damage.

los jeugos de rolas sont locos...

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