Sunday, March 23, 2014

Escape from D&D ‘March Madness’ Blog Challenge days 23 & 24

Other blogs can be found HERE. It is up to an even dozen now, so I am pretty happy with that.

The questions can be found HERE. They’ve proven not to be perfect, but they are stimulating some good discussions and sharing of experiences.

23 What is the most broken game that you tried and were unable to play?

Oh wow, the old Aliens game based off of Phoenix Command was too terrible to run. We fudged it with BRP or GURPS (not sure which) but it all fell apart anyway. I think army blokes used to data processing could be bothered with the game, but not us mere mortals. I am itching to run or play Aliens, using the Aliens: Game Over PDF available on the web but cutting it down from d20 to an old school simulacrum and running an adventure based off that terrible colonial marines PS3 game.

24 What is the most broken game that you tried and loved to play, warts and all?

No surprise that I’d say Palladium for what I’ve run, played and enjoyed. I played in a Warhammer 3e game the other year and everyone but me seemed to enjoy it. It was mad busy with cards and chits and a sort of unholy fusion of RPG and boardgame.

Takes all kinds, it does.


  1. Thanks for the Aliens d20 link; I had only seen the Leading Edge adventure game of crunch. I've done the series as an ultra-simple miniatures skirmish, but not as a real RPG. Conversion to OSR shouldn't be hard, but going beyond military missions would require extra plotting.

    1. I was thinking of riffing off the PS3 game and having the PCs versus Weyland Yutani, plus aliens (of course), plus Space Jockeys from the old Dark Horse comics, plus Engineers from Prometheus, plus Predators (there's a d20 free game of that as well) and The Thing (another pdf called Who Goes There). Figure that should be gonzo enough.