Monday, March 31, 2014

Oh My Zod It’s Full of RPGs ‘March Madness’ Days 30 & 31 Finale!

Other blogs can be found HERE. It is over a dozen now, so I am pretty happy with that.

The questions can be found HERE. They’ve proven not to be perfect, but they are stimulating some good discussions and sharing of experiences.

It’s funny that although I started this blog challenge, I have fallen the most behind in it. If you know what kind of a hellish ride life has been this month, you’d probably be surprised I finished it at all.

I’d like to thank all the participants – their responses have made me laugh and add quite a few entries to my future gaming list. Personally, this challenge has served its purpose of learning about various games from people with a similar interest in, so I’ll also be watching their blogs in future.

On with the last hurrah!

30 Which non-D&D supplemental product should everyone know about? Give details.

Back in the day, Palladium used to produce a range of ‘complete guide’ books that every GM I knew had on their shelf. Want to see the difference between a voulge and a Bohemian ear spoon? The Palladium Book of Weapons & Armor is for you. Want to know the difference between a H&K 9mm SMG and a Skorpion? You need the Compendium of Contemporary Weapons. They were great for players to thumb through when the DM was in the can or working through some issue with other players.

I see that in addition to the old favorites such as the Compendium of Exotic Weapons, they have put out some newer titles, such as Weapons & Castles of the Orient. If they’ve kept up the art and research quality, definitely pick up a dead tree version at your FLS or PDF at DriveThruRPG.

31 What out-of-print RPG would you most like to see back in publication? Why?

Tough, tough question as usual due to my narrow repertoire of played games. I have seen people take PDFs of older games and print them through a POD service such as Lulu, so I guess the question is moot, but I would pay for a reissue of the Games Workshop version of Stormbringer. It was the revised Stormbringer 2e plus all the material from the first Companion stuffed into one heavy, gorgeous tome with an iconic cover image of Elric at the end of his world. 

I am sure there are better games that deserve a reprint more (Unknown Armies springs to mind), but I can’t help what I want.

And that’s a wrap! Far from being a chore, this challenge has diverted me at a time when I sorely needed diversion and made me feel far less lonely ensconced in my ivory tower where I pump out questionably useful academic writing. Thanks to all who wrote, replied, and read.

It has been a hoot as writer and reader, and inspired me with a dozen or so post and game ideas to work on the coming months. Since I am getting up 6 am for my 2 hour commute to the new workplace, in addition to fatherhood and an encroaching phd deadline, I am sorry to say the blog will be slowing back to its weekly or less pace.


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