Saturday, March 8, 2014

Nope, Nope, Nope D&D ‘March Madness I Say’ Blogaria – Day 9

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9 What superhero RPG have you enjoyed most? Why?

Once again, my ignorance shows – I’ve only played 2 games, and none of the ‘big’ superhero games either. I have a dim recollection of a GURPS Supers attempt that collapsed under its own weight in uni. Characters were made with a Herculean effort, one session was played in which the characters trounced a rogue ice mutant who just wanted to be left alone, then the GM realized the rules had been misunderstood and things would have to be redone.

That was enough of that.

Inevitably, the next was a successful game of Palladium’s Heroes Unlimited. Characters were rolled, and they almost made sense being overpowered by the game’s clunky system in a way that set them apart from the common man which was perfect for the genre. An invasion of aliens who were after our banks was fought off, only to discover the ‘aliens’ were robots created by an evil genius.

Good times. Although I never played the original DC or Marvel RPGs, I have read criticism that the range of attributes didn’t provide a fine enough granularity, especially for street level characters. Palladium’s old SDC system does street level heroes very well, and might conversely fail to emulate cosmic heroes. I think adding some lethality in the form of my houserules might make for a great, gritty game of Heroes Unlimited a la Watchmen.

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