Tuesday, April 10, 2018

News & An OSR Hidden Gem


Real Life has been on an upswing lately. In the past 2 years, I've traveled for presentations (Valencia in Spain, Lexington KY and NYC), churned out some high level publications (see my discourse analysis of Gudetama in Japan Forum this month), and just made professor at a nice little seaside university in beautiful Kobe.

                                                        Seaside office view makes all the work seem worthwhile

Life is good again, at last!

However, my inner life has paid the price for all this success. I hope to get back to gaming, martial arts, & music with the reduced course load. As ever, I am bubbling away at sociological research on the side as well.

Lurking around the OSR today I found THIS gem. It is the unique creation of an ex RPG.net poster. There is art, philosophy, and gaming related links therein, including a Venture Bros 1 page rpg.


As for this blog, I have a HUGE backload of posts to clean up and spit at you, but I surmise I won't get much of that done during the semester (Japanese uni start in April to July, then again in September to January). Expect an uptick in posts in summer, as well as next spring.