Saturday, May 8, 2021

Lasers & Feelings Play Report

Message from Mission Command to USS Indefatigable

You've been tasked to survey an anamolous planet near the Neutrality Zone

Sensors have been unable to penetrate its elector-magnetic field

It was passed over in a survey of the sector 100 years ago, but now the Confederation wants you to knock on the door


The Indefatigable (The Indie)

PROS: Fuscia interior, Good shields, Sensors

CON: Grim reputation

CREW: Command 6 + 15 support below decks




Chain of command: 

Captain - Dr. C (dangerous scientist, solve space mysteries, L&F 5)

1st officer - 88-8135 (engineer droid, wants to be captain, L&F 2)

2nd  - Solly (emergency doc, wants to heal xeno diseases, L&F 5)



Bridge: Dr. C , 88-8135, Nokia (hot shot pilot, L&F 2, wants to prove his worth)


Away team: Flempf (hotshot explorer, wants to stay awesome, L&F 2), Cass (hotshot soldier, wants to shoot em up, L&F 4), Solly (doc 5), red shirt Mc Gee

Mission Log: USS Indefatigable

Stardate XYZ123.6 Mission casualties: 1 Collateral damage: 2 shuttle craft, 2 discount androids, a small amount of trilexium fuel, ALL OF OUR TINFOIL
We sent a shuttlecraft into the magnetic field and lost contact immediately upon entry. Reports from crewmen Starchild and Cassiopeia, as well as Dr. Solly describe the situation as follows: an ancient race of beings has determined this planet to be a prison for a race of beings they called Dextromethazoids or Democraticons. It doesn’t matter. What matters is that these creatures were determined to be too agressively evolved for the universe at large, and thus have been confined to this planet by means of a strong electromagnetic field that disables all electronic devices that come in contact with it. 

Our first shuttle craft crashed on the surface, and the survivors attempted to disable the field from there. Meanwhile, aboard the ship, our scans detected the location of field emitters at the north and south poles, but before we could deal with them, a Cromulan Warbird approached and claimed this area of space as Cromulan territory. I told them that no such official claim had been made of their behalf. They did not agree, and we were at a stalemate.

When the Cromulans were not looking, we constructed a makeshift explosive device with the intention of dropping it and a large amount of heavy matter from orbit onto the north emitter. Unfortunately, the shuttle craft carrying the device was piloted by our two worst androids, and got too close to the field and was lost.  
Soon after, our away team successfully disrupted the field long enough for us to teleport them away, at which time they gave their report. It is the opinion of this captain that the planet is of no use to the Confederation, but that the Cromulan Empiracy may seek to use methods similar to our own to dismantle the planet’s defenses and bring the Dexterwhatsits under their control. A Confederate patrol is thus recommended for the area.

Transmission ends

Sunday, May 2, 2021

Advice on Running Social Interactions With NPCs

 Hi everyone!

This is advice I sent my CoC players and thought I'd share. Please enjoy.


I just thought I’d clear things up about social interactions with NPCs.


Mostly, I just roleplay the NPC as if they were a real person. In the first session when Lady Jane offered her sword to a policeman in a shootout, he boggled at her and shouted, “Just get some backup lass!” Ditto for when Shirly Bath walked into a hospital brandishing a shotgun and people freaked out. Act nice & they’re nice, act not and they’ll respond in kind.


When you need to get an NPC to do something special, here is basically my procedure:


Here is some advice about running NPCs that I shared with my players.


Tedankhamen will explain the NPC’s motivations

You can add or point out things that may be off

If we agree on these particulars, we move to the resolution.


There are then 3 skills you can choose from


Fast Talk – For when you need to flim flam in a rush.


Persuade – For when you need to appeal to reason or their better nature.


Credit Rating – For when you want to make a deal.


After choosing which route is possible and best for the situation, you enter into the roleplay & roll.


First, you act out what your character says.

If it makes sense or sounds good, you get a flat roll or even a bonus if done well.

If it doesn’t make sense or sounds off, you might get a penalty or automatic refusal.

Then you roll the bones.

A critical success might mean you get extra information or help.

Straight failure means they might still point you in the direction of someone who can help.

A fumble just means refusal, unless there is a good story reason for them to turn on you (ie secretly a nazi).


I am just trying to balance out the roleplaying and roll playing in a fun and fair way.

Hope that helps!