Monday, October 28, 2019

High Praise

I am honoured.

DYVERS has just put out his 2019 list of OSR blogs, a much needed mnemonic for this scattered and ethereal non-community. It is a must-read filled with the creative voices of OSR bloggers linked only by our love of playing old games and bursting inspiration to write material for and about them.

And despite my low output as of late, this humble blog has made the list again. Being named in such esteemed company alone is high praise, but DYVERS has also touched me with his kind words. He writes,

Tomb of Tedankhamen: Chief Broom has been writing this old school fantasy blog for years and in the process, they have staked out a territory of dark fun that I can’t get enough of. Lately the author tends to like to mash up various systems and ideas, like Call of Cthulhu and Gumshoe, to create something fun and new. I’m not entirely sure that all of their ideas work, but they are intriguing enough that I often wish I were friends with Broom in real life so the two of us could play all the strange amalgamations they come up with each week. Just a fun blog that too many people miss out on. Well worth checking out. Updates: Three times in 2018, already triple that amount in 2019.

Dyvers' words have inspired me to try and produce more, and I have just read my entire library of backlists to retrace the conducting filament he sees in it. I hope to get another few posts about before year end, and return to full posting and gaming during the spring break. If I get around to running an online game, DYVERS will indeed be welcome to play.

The entire list can be found HERE. Do give it a read.