Wednesday, October 11, 2017

D&D Album Covers

I think AJJ's The Ghost Mice Split cover looks totally like an OSR art piece.

Any idea who did it?

Listen HERE


  1. Beautiful image! And i agree with you, definitely OSR. But i don't think i like the music as well :)

  2. Hello you! Glad to hear a familiar voice from the blog-O-sphere. I still lurk on your page from time to time.

    The Andrew Jackson Jihad is an acquired taste, and I have acquired it. It speaks to me, but no fault on your part if it doesn't speak to you.

    There is a lot to post about music and roleplaying, especially the OSR. Stormbringer was my original RPG love, and I always imagined playing with classical or alternative music. I was surprised to find most other fans imagined it with a heavy metal soundtrack, obvious considering that Michael Moorcock played in Hawkwind, who put out an entire Elric concept album. If you look at the Heavy Metal movie (the 80s original, not the 2000 reboot), pairing heavy metal with Blue Oyster Cult's 'Veteran of the Psychic Wars', the heavy metal album cover + gonzo fantasy connection is even more apparent.

    If I ever have time again, I must finish my Undead Gods of Rock scenario for the Dragon Half RPG...