Sunday, August 7, 2022

Future plans (Fall & Winter 2022, Spring & Summer 2023)


I finally killed off the semester today with some Open Campus sessions. Ah, nothing like plague training to work on a weekend.

My plans for the near future are such:


Continue the Stormbringer material, next up is Magic.

Also, a retrospective of 1st vs 3rd edition, and why I am starting to prefer the former after owning mostly the latter.

A disquisition on why the Elric novels are so hard to bring to life in an RPG.


I figure I'll wind up Stormbringer and need a change of pace. Aliens is looking good, also want to try and play a session or two.


Big fat old Swords of the Serpentine has arrived after 2 years of waiting. Can't wait to delve into it, but need a break between it and Stormbringer.

Take care, stay cool, and don't get any cooties.

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