Sunday, December 8, 2013

Mystery Solved

It seems Alex took down the OSR Planet due to some complaints about copyright mumbo jumbo.

I guess some may have valid gripes, but it just seems to me another case of some folks peeing in the water and poisoning the well for everyone.

Oh well, thank you for the hard work Alex. First Eternal Keep, next Old School RPG Planet - looks like anything nearing a community forum gets destroyed. Is this some natural OSR cycle of creation and destruction I wonder?


  1. I think Alex overreacted. It was in response to a debate about something someone else was going to do with Alex's feed (he was going to bundle any blog posts on the OSR Planet into an epub and offer it as a download on his site, without consulting with the bloggers in question.)

    Alex knows no one was objecting to what *he* was doing, but thought it was safer to take down the aggregator.

    1. Sigh. It is so easy to overreact or jump the gun with digital communications. Oh well, my thanks to Alex and no blame on him. Guess I'll go through Dyvers' list to get my OSR fix...