Friday, December 6, 2013

Perfunctory Dyvers Response

So anyway, everyone's talking about Dyvers' list of OSR blogs. Might as well jump on the bandwagon.

Charles Atkins' list of OSR blogs with mini-reviews is one of those ideas so brilliant in their simplicity you slap your forehead and wonder why you hadn't thought of it first. More importantly, OSR blogs are sometimes like icepans (as a Newfoundlander, I am familiar with those miniature icebergs and icebits the rime my arctic island homeland), old ones submerging and news ones rising, disappearing and reappearing, being sometimes solid and others treacherously transitory. It is good to have a guide like Dyvers to what is out there and where to aim your feet (or clicks in this case).

Like any blogger, I get a kick (what psychiatrist Eric Berne would classify as a 'stroke') from other people reading and responding to my blog posts. Atkins' review of this blog is refreshingly positive:

Tomb of  Tedankhamen A relatively new OSR blog (it started in March of 2013) that has lost a bit of steam due to the author's attempt to get through his thesis papers. I'm hopeful that once their through with the academia side of things that this insightful blog will pick up steam and continue to look at those little words that bother us all so much: like railroad, profile, and like. Updates: About five times a month.
Finding your voice as a blogger takes time for most, and although Atkins' review focuses on the semantic exercises I sometimes indulge in, I don't see myself as limited to those, but will continue to write whatever pleases me. Instead, Atkins' identification of what works on my blog implies I am finding my voice and subjects that both I and others find worth writing and reading.

And that's what it's all about isn't it?

Good job Charles, keep it up!

PS: I have a few months before the (hopefully) final chapter of the dissertation, so expect more posts in the near future.

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